Saturday, February 21, 2009

The inevitable phone call

Its time I did a CPR on my Blogging absence... So I thought I'll pen something down.

2 hrs...and still nothing....

Another 30 mins...

(Well you know Murphy’s law – Thou shall have a lot of ideas to contemplate over – like what if the Mossads did kill all surviving accomplice’s of the Hitler regime; or if US actually faked the 9/11 attacks – when thou has a release tomorrow or while taking that faithful journey on the train, but when there is Nada, my mind just draws Zilch).

After 2 mins...

Well I was having this really strange aversion to phone calls recently. The reason seemed intriguing at first, but then a Sage once said –Everyone is made different. So then the problem I figured might not be with me. If I do see a similar “Message in a bottle” washed upon the shore I think we should start off a community on Orkut!!

The Aversion that I was talking of, well it happens to occur when the call is from the fairer sex - hey, don’t get me wrong now, complete reading the entire thing :-P – I am 24 now, and its quite natural that gals who had the privilege to be my classmates( \m/) are bordering the nubile age. So as expected you get a trillion mails a week with marriage invitations (I save all of them so I can do a Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V later on, yes “lassitude” is my middle name) from every part of India. So keeping that in the background its becomes quite convoluted that after long stretches of silence when your mobile beeps with that ubiquitous tone from Rab-De and displays the name of that damsel who happens to be the whom you once had a crush on, or the girl with whom the relationship was more than friendship( at least you thought so), or the girl who you just got acquainted with, but not enough to have a chat over the phone ;the you know I-like-her-but-she-likes-to-be-friends sort. You silence the call cause your roommates starts whining as it disturbs his sleep (I agree with him –we all hate our alarm tones). He doesn’t notice the convolutions on your face, you start perspiring. You are petrified, mortified and stupefied. Your whole body shudders. Its moments like this you feel I should have done that course on disaster management. You try to maintain your composure in front of your roommates but fails miserably. A marriage invitation – how can she??

This state of turmoil last for round bout 45 seconds (The call gets disconnected on its own after that), if not earlier. If it’s your lucky day you might get to experience these series of agonizing 45 seconds couple of times more, but thanks to God above who made humans with little patience the whole ordeal doesn’t last for more than a few minutes. Though it lasted only a few turn of pages it sure did some damage on that feeble heart of yours. You turn insomniac and spend a whole night overburdening your grey matter. You wish you had smoked or drunk – but alas you had chosen the path of righteousness earlier in your life. You don’t realize that you had hit the sack, and suddenly its morning.

You devise a plan to avoid her the next day, or any more confrontation with her, but the Man above has a sense of humor which is mysterious to us all. Already having a good laugh at your expense he decides to tickle his funny bone further. Presto! `tis her, right in front of you. She walks briskly towards you and mutters - why didn’t ya pick my call? Sheepishly you ask – Ah..well!!(avoids her face) so you are getting married as well?, at which she blurts out – Marriage!!!!what??

Saturday, July 5, 2008

First words....

ah..well..finally i join the band wagon as well. when i look back 1 year back it was a completely different me. i was against the whole concept of blogging, to pour out my feeling for others to scrutnize. i was wrong.... prepared to get see the dark side of me..a quest of exploring my inner being..and chance of improving here goes..